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To all clients and those attending productions

Due to the on-going COVID-19 situation we want to outline that Frederick Jewson and Oxford House Ltd are taking preventative measures against COVID-19 alongside our following of the guidelines issued by the British Government and Public Health England.


We are aware that there is potential for postponement of shoots over the coming days and weeks. As a result we happy to accommodate any worries and potential date changes that are requested. It is our priority to ensure top health and wellbeing standards for our crew, those around us and those working with us. Therefore we are welcoming of any conversations you may wish to have about COVID-19 and the best way to tackle your production. Pre-production and post-production services will resume as normal unless stated otherwise.


As a business and individuals we are taking additional preventative measures set out below:


  • We will be waving hello and goodbye rather than shaking hands

  • Health of crew will be monitored and confirmed with clients prior to shoots if requested

  • Hands will be washed before and after each shoot and sanitised after location changes

  • We will request filming in larger more open spaces to avoid keeping people in close courters

  • We ask that all clients and those attending productions sign a declaration regarding recent travel and health


We kindly ask that those we are due to work with adhere to open communication with regards to COVID-19. Failure to adhere to truthful communication gives the right to Frederick Jewson and Oxford House Ltd to postpone or cancel any production, prior or during said production if they feel there is any form of unknown health risk to crew and client.

If you have answered YES to any of the questions below you must contact Frederick Jewson ( immediately. Failure to complete the form below before your shoot means the project will be postponed to a later date. Please note we will not charge for any postponements as we support any concerns you may have at this time.

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