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Evidently, one can not escape the wonders of a traditional G&T, especially during the English Summer.

As a result I thought it would be a fabulous chance to get the camera out and film a quick "Making of" video as it were... kind of...

The real reason for this video production was to test out a lovely little vintage zoom lens that had just been delivered. However, the flange distance (the distance between the mount to the sensor), was not quite right...! Aka, what would be a normal zoom lens turned into an immense macro lens that could only focus within 1cm to 50cm. But not to worry, in turn this created a rather amusing focus breathing effect which I thought I may as well play with in one of these little Instagram videos.

The aim was to not only experiment filming with the lens, but also play with differing colour tones as they passed through the bottle, to see how the light would react and interact with each other as the glass condensed and tonic effervesced... For this I had a typical Orange & Teal set up. What fascinated me was to see how the colours wrapped themselves around the bottle and made themselves equally apparent on the opposing side of which the light was placed!

Overall this was a quick little Instagram video production to test out colour tones as well as testing a whacky little vintage lens that I didn't want to see go to waste...


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