A campaign highlighting a new application to help businesses and individuals monitor and improve mental health in the work place.

Director's Cut

AKA - full length

The aim of the Workhappy campaign is to showcase a new desktop/mobile app that can be used by an individual or an entire company.


We wanted to ensure that the narrative told would be relevant and relatable, ensuring the story highlights key issues whilst not delving too deeply into specific personal traits of the character. The app is to appeal to a broad range of professionals. An organic, down to earth, realistic approach is what would hit the target audience best.

The Campaign

A series of shorter versions

The shorter videos highlight specific messages within the main video Workhappy wants to convey to their audience. Rounded up by a longer, more consumer friendly, cut that encapsulates the entire message, similar to the Directors Cut but for a wider audience.

The entire campaign of shorter videos is below. It is designed to be ran through a campaign that shows off one video per encounter, slowly building the brand name in a potential consumers mind without boring them with the same repetitive advert. They are constantly rewarded by fresh content.