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We're looking for freelance filmmakers, not videographers.

A little about us.

The reason we do what we do is because we love what we do... It might sound simple, because it is.

Speaking personally; I set up Oxford House to allow businesses to benefit from the creative potential of video as well as to grow my own creative skills as a director and DOP.

Over the next few years we're aiming to increase our commercial work, as well as push into the film industry.

This is why we're looking for filmmakers, not videographers.


We always value the art of both film and video. No matter how "corporate" the job is, there is always potential for beauty.

What we're looking for.

We're looking for filmmakers; people who understand the nuances behind a shot. People who instinctively see strong compositions. People who understand how to manipulate and play with light, especially natural light when budgets are limited.

Most importantly, we're looking for people with passion. People that we get along with and fit naturally into the team. At the end of the day, chemistry and a thirst for self development is more important than ones current skillset.

Overall, we're looking for people that we can rely on to help us continue to deliver our style of video to businesses who want something a little different...

You need to.

  • Be confident in capturing the best composition and light from a location

  • Have an understanding of how to best utilise and sculpt both natural and artificial light

  • Understand and respect the art of filmmaking... Don't just run around with a gimbal shooting 20mm at T/10+

  • Want to learn, develop and grow

  • Be freelance and shoot on Blackmagic

  • If you're also enquiring about editing, then you must use DaVinci Resolve

Essentially you need to understand the fundamentals of filmmaking (dare I say "rules")... A lot of this may naturally come to you, and that's what we're looking for! What matters most is that you want to grow as a filmmaker.

Thank you!

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