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A Look Behind The Scenes | Intro

Welcome to what can only be described as a, probably intermittent, blog like thread of thoughts...

Over on Instagram (@FrederickJewson) I have decided to start creating some rather interesting videos to highlight my Oxford based Video Production company, aptly named after myself.

The reason for these little quirky video productions is simple. Instead of staying in the mind of a corporate entity and posting generic behind the scene shots, I decided to follow my own personal motto - "be different" - it's on my homepage after all... Being different by producing little videos to show off what I can do, especially when posted more frequently compared to the rare BTS photos I used to show off - I never had a photographer on set!

These new video posts are perfect for many reasons. Firstly; I now use my account to push myself creatively and produce some rather bizarre videos, videos that capture the minds and more importantly, thumbs, of those scrolling past, hopefully engaging them with my content for that much longer.

Secondly; The platform is great for helping others get exposure from my account. I love to film things that I have a personal attachment to, therefore if there is a certain product I like, the chances are I'll end up using it as a little test subject for another wacky video production.

So what's the point of this blog? It's simply something to go alongside my Instagram posts, a little behind the scenes explanation as to why I posted what I did! It's also to help my website rank well, and to give you another thing to follow...

Please enjoy,



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