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A Pair for Driving

As an avid driver I do adore a good pair of driving shoes. In fact, you'll most probably see me adorned in a pair of drivers for the majority of the things I do, especially when on set...

I would say they've made it into my uniform, so much so that when I had the recent luxury to marvel at the magnitude of Vesuvius, from the retrospectively apocalyptic Pompeii streets, I thought to myself... "It's a perfect place to Christen a fresh pair of Positano drivers" allowing my Italian suede a true bout of it's own heritage before heading back over seas. To say the least, there is never a time nor place that doesn't nod it's head to a good pair of drivers. "Except for America" my other half proclaims as I write this entry?!

Getting back to the point... This video is the complete opposite of how I would describe the "feel" of a driving shoe; Highly energetic, loud and in your face, something more suiting to a Trainer. However, I like to push boundaries, and thought this would be a good time to do so.

I decided to implement the glorious, yet vomit inducing, lens whack effect in order to give me some sharp cut points in post, essentially teeing myself up for a high energy video from the offset. As you can tell, I do love a minimal, yet soft, lighting set up. Heavy atmosphere is always a favourite too, in this case for the added drama.

As these videos are shot solely by myself I am immensely limited, therefore I thought a quick car segment purely focusing on the shoes and ignoring everything else would portray the meaning of the video far better. This is not a car video, it is a shoe video! I wanted to see how the video would flow and feel when excluding what one would typically see.

For an added note, the first frame of this video is designed for the Instagram cover photo. It's a shame you can't have it separately, but that's Instagram for you! Likewise, the end throws up another studio style flicker of a shot which would allow for a more seamless loop effect if it weren't for the thumbnail frame...

The drivers in question are a stunning pair of Hugs & Co loafers, the sole made from recycled tyre... Thus far they have proven to be not just comfortable, but fairly solid for a driving shoe, although I'm only a few days into this relationship!

There will be far more to come on this blog from this Oxford based video production company (that bit was for google)... But seriously, there will be at least two more posts to go alongside my last two Instagram videos, Coffee & Cars.

I feel that sums be up perfectly, Drivers, Coffee & Cars.



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