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A Talking Head?

Typically I'm not one to promote the use of a "talking head" video - personally, more narrative based commercials are my thing! Although I'm always eager to get involved in any video production that allows for an artistic flare or that has an important message to convey. In which case, give me a talking head to film - as long as it isn't corporate, we're okay!

Short, concise pieces to camera, performed in an engaging manor are great for getting across more information to those who are already invested in watching a longer video production... Essentially, talking head videos are great for web pages people are intending to go to, but bare in mind they're not so good for promo content.

This is a lovely little example of a short, straight to the point video production that builds itself around a piece to camera.

The purpose of this video production is to attract those looking to work at Daylesford. As a result, speaking about their core values really helps to portray their path and passion, hopefully enticing those who feel the same way to step forward and get involved. This, however, would not be the most affective if shown to a broad audience, yet it will work wonders for any targeted marketing towards passionate individuals looking for work within the organic food and rural sector.

As well as these talking head videos, narratively driven videos also work immensely well for recruitment purposes - story telling can really help entice people into wanting to join a business as it helps portray the brand image immensely well. However, the goal for this video was to create a short down to earth piece to camera that people will engage with on a personal and more niche level, as opposed to a more mass consumed video production.

In this video production we visit three key areas and speak about their role on the business, allowing the audience to understand more and allow their passion to get hooked, if not, this isn't the job role for them! By the end of the video our call to action hopes to bring those who are still invested to click through and ultimately end up applying. The overall goal for this video is to find someone of superlative quality to join their team.

For further information on recruitment videos please do get in touch, there is an awful lot to talk about... Like I mention above, recruitment videos can be anything you want them to be, from informative talking head videos to fully scripted commercials that involve entire cinema crews!


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