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Morgan x Oxford House

The result of one day at Bicester Heritage and a Morgan Plus 4...

Armed with a handful of Blackmagic cinema cameras, rigs and gimbals, I (Freddie Jewson), Nick Nixon, Oliver Brotherhood and Adrian Banks set out to bring a new image to Morgan.

When people see a Morgan they tend to think of an old, classic car. That couldn't be further from the case.

The idea behind this commercial was to capture the true, modern, Morgan experience.

Having been able to push the car to the max prior to the shoot date, I was able to feel the full force and driving ability of the new BMW powered Plus 4. It's phenomenal. It's like no other experience I've had on the road, or track. You not only get this brilliantly quintessentially British feeling whilst behind the wheel, similar to that of a classic car, you're throttled with the traction and force of a brand new sports car, which, it is!

With a passion for motors, as the director, I needed to have the confidence we were going to give the Plus 4 justice. With a brilliant team to hand, both in production and post production, we were able to achieve just that.


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