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The Hidden Story

There is a HIDDEN STORY behind every video, from a talking head to a promo... It's a critical tool that influences the viewer and many forget about it!

The way an image is composed combined with the pacing of the final video creates this extra story. The power of framing and camera movement is subtly brilliant. You can portray an endless array of emotions with the smallest of camera zooms/pans and a gentle pause in the pace of an edit.

These small techniques have an impact on any type of video production.

A lovely example; Our most recent production for Blenheim Art Foundation showcased the installation of Cecily Brown's latest exhibit. Personally I wanted to ensure that the shots reflect what I perceive from the artwork, as well as depict the grand scale of the Palace. A painting I focused on in particular was "The Triumph of Death". I took the time to study both the original, as well as Cecily Brown's interpretation, and depict what I thought were key aspects to focus on. Evidently the scale of the work but also the nuances behind the painting...

At the end of the day, it is down to the viewer to perceive what they wish. This video aims to encourage audiences to attend the exhibit and take the time to appreciate the artwork in question.


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