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The Ox #1 of The Oxford House Video Agency

The Ox of the Oxford House Video Agency - for lack of better words, The Ox is our... Mascot!

We at the Oxford House Video Agency have a passion for not only motorsport but cars and everything about them. The older the better - I say at least!

My personal passion has and always will be cars - of course film and video too, combine the two and we’re onto a winner. I’m not overly keen on tuning them up and turning an ordinary car into grotesque monster, more so the engineering and the art. Especially when it comes to classic cars.

The classic car talk will have to be for another time though, today is about The Ox of the Oxford House Video Agency!

Oxford video production company owns a classic car and film it in Oxford and cotswolds video agency
The Midget in all it's stock glory - take a good look whilst it lasts!

For years the thought of club racing has been on my mind, as a result, I'm now aiming to make the dream turn into reality.

Bouncing between family and family friends, I found a slightly worse for wear MG Midget, 1275 MK3. It’s from 1974 but the rounded wheel arches allows it to enter the 1960s as well as the 1970s championships which is a wonderful bonus.


Perfect for a few reasons mind you. It needed work, and the Midget is famed as a brilliant car to start learning on. The Midget is small, light and very simple, the essence of a raw and accessible driving experience. The chassis was in good nick - importantly. The only bits that needed work were the mechanicals, which was ideal. That being said, the body work is not perfect, which itself makes this even more perfect. I hear you ask, why would I want a car that’s not ship shape? Simple, because it could crash, it’s racing after all. The thought of putting a beautiful classic car in pristine condition through the wringer is too daring for both me and my wallet. I don’t mind adding to the many battle scars the Midget already has, it’s part of the charm.

Oxford video production company race car in Oxfordshire cotswold videography agency
The first stage of the teardown. I loved how it looked at this stage - café racer vibes

The Ox of Oxford House Video Agency has rather frustratingly been sat in the garage for almost two years, slowly getting tinkered with, awaiting its first event - competitive event that is. In that time, the car's been fully stripped, a cage and seat, with harness, has been installed, along with some other key safety bits and bobs. Sadly, safety comes first, so it's still as slow as it was the day it arrived. But that's soon to change! Not all at once, but gradually.

videography agency in Oxfordshire and Oxford cotswolds video production for classic cars and the automotive industry
Cage, seat and a steering wheel... Almost the final look. Now to get under the bonnet

The hope is to race the car in historic championships, sprints, hill climbs and more. Starting with the latter events as they'll be more about pushing the car against itself as opposed to a full on competitive race. A race where, if entering before anything else, you may just find out how slow your car really is, in front of a crowd and many, many other racers - embarrassing...

Anyway, I'll leave this blog here. Lot's to mention with the car, I'll tackle that next time, but all I will say is that I may have taken the engine and gearbox out, and, well, fully disassembled them.

I' don't have an engineering degree, nor am I a mechanic's apprentice. But again, this is why it's a Midget!

The perfect starter car.

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