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Zoom Tips!

You may have already seen the video, but if not, have a look below!

Many of us have been using Zoom a lot more - in fact, I never heard of it before "the current situation", yet here I am now, directing videos over Zoom and helping others with how to get the best shot possible through their webcam. Needless to say, many people who have watched the video below have simply used these tips and tricks to out-do their friends and colleagues in their next meeting... It's the simple things that matter most!

When it comes to video, the knowledge behind the camera is critical. Believe it or not, knowledge is more important than the camera! Even understanding some of the most basic parts to getting a good shot will allow you to take your content to the next level.

This video is especially good to watch if you're planning to film on your phone too as it helps highlight the basics to look for when trying to make yourself look good - naturally!

Frederick's Tips | Zoom

I mentioned above that we've produced a few Zoom/Webcam based videos. These have varied in style. A couple of examples are below, one is more information based and the other is a full on commercial, we'll talk about the commercial in a moment...

Milton Park | Informative Video

The Cocktail Service | Advert

The Cocktail Service run many cocktail masterclasses at corporate and social events. However, under the current circumstances they're unable to run business as normal, this is where the power of Zoom comes in, not just for the promo but for their business in general. They wanted to showcase their Zoom based masterclass in a fun and engaging way. The class includes receiving a large box of goodies in the post as well as a profesional cocktail making session (that's the Zoom part).

This is where I thought we could make things a little more interesting... The video itself did not need to fall under the webcam aesthetic, this is a premium service which needed to look premium.

By incorporating live action footage and filming the laptop, using a cinema camera, we managed to showcase the masterclass in a far more enticing manner. However, we still filmed on Zoom, but we superimposed the footage onto the quality live action video of the laptop, therefore allowing us to film live action even when on Zoom!

Overall, we were chuffed with how The Cocktail Service video production came out, there is something special about it, it works really well... It goes to show, you can showcase your Zoom based services without necessarily needing to fully embrace the webcam look - It's possible to include some cinematic live action if that's what you need.

There is certainly a time and a place for the Zoom/webcam/phone look. It's important to think about what would work best for your video production... We're here to help, so please feel free to get in touch!


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