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A video for Stow

A campaign designed to showcase Indies in our town

I’m Freddie, creator of the Oxford House Video Agency.

Myself and the team shoot a bunch of cinematic videos with the intent of making social media a slightly more enjoyable place... We implement art and care into our work so that people might stay a while longer and truly connect with the content.

For me, a large part of running a business is about being able to help out local communities.

Over the past two years we’ve worked alongside multiple councils, telling their stories as well as building awareness around key issues.

Having moved to Stow just over a year ago, I thought it might be an idea to offer a campaign to the community of Stow. I’m always excited to see so many quality and fabulous shops and stores in our town, and the brilliant community within. Needless to say I’m very proud to call Stow my home.

The idea is simple, we create a short video campaign for the Market Town of Stow on the Wold. Quickly cutting between cinematic shots of the daily lives of multiple businesses within Stow. From cafés to galleries, from clothes shops to pubs, and so on...


By having multiple business wanting to get involved, by individually chipping in, it means we’re able to show off Stow in full cinematic quality - as well as individual businesses, without needing to heavily invest.

The idea

1 x 30 sec commercial | 2 x 14 sec breakdowns

The main video will cut between scenes of each location, with the aim of creating a beautiful 30-45 second commercial for Stow on the Wold.

These scenes would follow a day in the life of narrative, keeping things natural and well paced.

Following on from this, there will be two shorter 14 second cuts, following that of the above, designed to be used on “stories”, aiming to quickly feed people the content.

Individual edits

We’ll aim to shoot a little narrative in each business, therefore giving us enough footage to cut together a 30 second commercial for all involved.

This will take more time to edit, therefore there is a small additional cost for anyone who wishes to receive their own commercial. It would be ideal to know if you’d like this prior to filming.

You’re welcome to ask for an additional edit afterwards, however, this will need to be at an increased cost due to our planned workflow.

a minimum of 8 businesses need to be involved

How to get involved

If you’d like to feature please pop me a message on Instagram @FreddieJewson, click the "Get involved" button below, or email

The costs

Feature in the Main Campaign - £150
To receive your own edit - £85*


*To receive your own edit after release - £150

Below is a handful of videos that focus on our councill work as well as some short commercials for local businesses. For more examples, please see our home page!

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