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Jodie Sturge

copyeditor Stow-on-the-Wold


I'm Jo,


I'm part of the Oxford House creative community and have been a freelance copyeditor on Fiverr for almost two years. Throughout this time, I've accumulated over 150 five-star reviews. After graduating from the University of Bath earlier this year, I moved to Stow and would love to offer my services to local businesses.


What am i offering to edit?
Grammar   |   Punctuation   |   Spelling   |   Sentence restructure   |   Style and word usage

Rewriting of existing content (where requested)


I will also provide suggestions to tailor the text to the appropriate audience.

Please note that I do not write any content from scratch.






A TM is a graphical depiction of a symbol  which  identifies one  companies  products and services from those of  others 




please email me -

Betty (Germany)

Jodi is truly the best! She exceeded my expectations at any time. I was probably (for sure) the worst customer ever: huge time pressure, a lot of questions, incomplete text document, bad english (not a native speaker),... And she was so extremely flexible, actually she was available at all times, the quality of her corrections and suggestions were so great, she really put effort into my thesis as if it were her own thesis. She did not only help proofreading but was also very expert in apa. I'm so impressed by her work, work ethics and skill level. I really would like to emphasize her ability to rephrase and choice of wording and amazing writing style. Thank you so much jodi!!

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