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Either a one person crew, or a full cinema crew, working in harmony with truly beautiful cameras. Employing unique tips and tricks to bring a fresh life to traditional film making

A quality "Gaffa" is essential. Light is what dictates the mood of a scene, ultimately putting the viewer in their respective mind space for the commercial

Sound usually goes amiss for many on set. All we can say is "you can experience a movie with your eyes shut, but you can't with your ears blocked..." Sound is a priority for us


Creation at the highest standards.

Production is when the crew and cast come together to capture what was envisaged

The whole team works in unison to bring the best out of their respective roles to ensure overall quality is unrivalled

You will only find those who are passionate and care about their craft on our sets. We focus on bringing innovation to all aspects of production

You'll see no one running around aimlessly with a "gimbal", we respect every movement the camera makes. Great care is taken to ensure the right "grip" is used for every shot... Even if it requires a bit more work...!

NEED A Director/


Specialising in an organic video aesthetic for film & commercial productions, Oxford's FJ offers DOP roles as well as full video production services

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